Producing the highest quality finish while saving time, money, and the environment

eSpray is a unique, patented technology that produces an electrostatic attraction between the air/material mix and the substrate that is revolutionizing compressed air spray painting. eSpray virtually eliminates overspray, increasing transfer efficiency by over 50%. The result is more material on the substrate, greater productivity, less material wasted as overspray resulting in material cost savings averaging 30%.

eSpray – electrostatic spray, improves the quality and durability of the finish, lowers costs, increases productivity, and reduces hazardous emissions. eSpray’s patented process removes all oxygen, moisture, and particulates from the compressed air then ionize the residual gas and paint/material mixture, positively charging the combination. The now positively charged mixture is attracted to the negatively charged target substrate. The result is a uniform, consistent spray pattern that is electrostatically attracted to the substrate with virtually no overspray. Haydell Industries also offers products and services related to the installation of eSpray – from paint booths, spray guns, protective gear and signage to consulting services for efficient design/upgrade and management of existing facilities.