Kansai Paint

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Kansai Paint, Japan’s leading paint manufacturer is ranked amongst the world’s top 10 paint manufacturers. Located in 43 countries around the world Kansai has established an ever-growing global influence offering automotive, industrial coatings as well as decorative coatings under the brand Alesco.

2018 marks their 100th anniversary since the inception of Kansai in 1918. Their continuous development resulted in the forming of a partnership with Eguchi Iwao spanning almost a century. Eguchi Iwao is now their biggest distributor to the OEM market in 5 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Recently, they extended their network to a new hub in Europe through Helios Slovenia thereby accessing the European Union market. A partnership between Eguchi Iwao South Africa and International Applications UK has further expanded the Kansai market. Their products are used in the automotive, construction, rail and marine markets who rely on the quality, expertise and service being provided by Kansai through Eguchi Iwao.

Kansai coatings are but a few tenths of microns in thickness from primer to top coat, infused with cutting-edge technology to furthermore protect vehicles over the long term from the rigours of a harsh environment. As an industry providing top coatings with their ability to predict and develop future colour trends and designs has once again given them a global and leading edge.

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Global trends and the need for environmental protection has increased and resulted in the ever-growing change from solvent-based to water-borne products. Kansai anticipating this change have been one of the forerunners in introducing water-borne technology and continue to further apply their research facilities to stay ahead of this ever-changing industry.

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